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Tverskaya Street, Tverskoy Boulevard

Moscow Mayor's Office

Tverskaya Street

Within Tverskaya Street, the main street of Moscow, there is a combination of different epochs and styles: famous Fillipov's bakery, Eliseevski Food Store, Moscow Mayor's Office, a monument to the founder of Moscow Yury Dolgoruky, Russian Museum of Modern History, Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, Ermolova Moscow Drama Theatre..

The favorite meeting place of Muscovites - the monument to the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Tverskoy Boulevard

Tverskoy Boulevard, the most famous and one of the oldest of Moscow's boulevards, was created in the 18th century, immediately becoming a popular spot for business meetings and a rendezvous for the high society men of writers and painters. It remained the only boulevard in Moscow's Boulevard Ring until the middle of the 19th century. The luxury of noble estates in Tverskoy hosted balls and theatrical performances. Renowned theatres including the Drama Theatre (currently the Pushkin Theatre) and the Moscow Art Theatre had appeared there by the 20th century. This is the site of a splendid monument to the Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. Mariya Yermolova - the greatest actress in the history of Moscow's Maly Theatre, resided in Tverskoy Boulevard. The Mayakovsky Theatre, the Helikon Opera and the Moscow Conservatory are located nearby. The Church of the Ascension where Pushkin was married is in the square near the Nikitsky Gates.