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About MADI (STU)

Moscow Automobile and Road Construction Institute (State Technical University)- MADI (STU) was founded in December, 1930, at the early stage of the state automobilization. In the 21st century the University is a recognized scientific and educational centre involved in a wide range of educational and research activities. In today’s context, the accent is on dovetailing cost efficiency and safe operation for the benefit of the motor transportation sector of the Russian economy.

Main Trends and Achievements in Science and Innovation

The University long-term scientific research has contributed to the cost efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility of domestic automobiles and engines, as well as to the increase of between-repairs run and decrease of labour intensity of maintenance and repair. The University team of scientists also contributed to the improvement of motor transportation management and traffic safety. Positive scientific results have been achieved in the area of highway design, construction, repair and maintenance, implementation of computer-aided design, further development of reliability theory applied to pavement design, quality improvement of road-construction materials, improvement of testing techniques and evaluation of transport operational parameters of highways and airports. Under the state scientific and technical programs, the University carries out fundamental works in the spheres of motor transportation and engineering pedagogy.

In 2000, a group of scientists led by V.M. Prikhodko, Rector of MADI (STU) and member-correspondent of Russian Academy of Sciences, won the Russian Federation President’s Education Award for the research project “Development and Implementation of Scientific Methodology for the Improvement of Engineering Education and for the Creation of the Advanced Training System for Technical Universities Teachers”.

MADI (STU) annual scientific achievements exhibition has traditionally become an event which promotes popularization of scientific research and attracts potential customers of the University scientific research work.

MADI (STU) Demonstration and Training Centre (Polygon), the University Technical Park, spreads over the area of 30 hectares and is situated at the 34th km of Leningradsky Highway. The Centre is a prime example of successful integration of applied science, education and business. It tackles the issues of engineering education and its correspondence to modern technologies and demands of labour market. The Centre promotes cooperation between the University and business entities as potential employers and customers of scientific research, for example such companies as ‘LONMADI’, “KVINTMADI’ (JVM Group), Company “Terminal XXI”, “Contours SDM’, “Systeminvest”, “Bosch Service MADI”, “MADI-MOTOR”, “MADI-L-AUTO”.

Education and Training

1931 was the first graduate year for MADI (STU). Today, up to 1500 students graduate from the University annually as Specialists, Bachelors and Masters.

The University educates students in 27 specialties, including 9 Bachelor programs and 5 Master programs. There are 12 faculties at MADI (STU). The University offers 26 programs of post-graduate education, 6 programs of additional education (awarding a diploma), professional retraining and advanced training. Besides, the University introduced 4 second higher education programs and additional qualification programs.

Within each faculty there are extra-curriculum entertaining activities available to the students, such as KVN (Club of Quick Wits) League called “KVN-MADI-Alliance”. High school students-members of Moscow Center of Automobile and Road Construction Education are welcome and actively participate in KVN competitions. The MADI (STU) teams take part in Moscow Institutes championships in 30 different sports. Great results are achieved by volleyball, badminton, and motor racing teams. Annually, on MADI birthday – the 13th of December – the University hosts auto rally, auto-multiathlon, and International Games where sister Universities from the CIS countries participate.

Strategic Partners of the University

The University strategic partners in implementation of innovative educational programs are the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, and the Government of Moscow. MADI (STU) also has business partners as potential employers and customers of scientific research.

Founded ten years ago, the University Board of Guardians comprises the University partners’ representatives and outstanding MADI (STU) alumni, and is directly responsible for the interface with the University partners.

Between 2001 and 2007, MADI (STU) acted as coordinator in three Tempus projects held under the auspices of the European Union. The Tempus projects are aimed at the development of higher education systems in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Western Balkans and the Mediterranean.

  1. DIERUU NP 22265-2001 - Dissemination of pedagogical Innovations in the Regional Network of Russian and Ukrainian technical Universities

  2. MULTICEP JEP 24006-2003 - Curriculum development of multimedia course for Russian and Ukrainian engineer-pedagogical education.

  3. TREM SCM-TO81A04-2004 - Teachers training on electronic manual development.

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