MADI (STU)  and IGIP annual conference in Moscow

Author information

The motto of the symposium is "Engineering Competencies - Traditions and Innovations".

The conference topics cover a wide range of aspects such as

  1. People and Technology
  2. Technical Teacher Training
  3. Mathematics and Natural Sciences in Engineering Education
  4. Working with Projects
  5. Postgraduate Training and European Qualification Framework
  6. Languages and Humanities in Engineering Education
  7. Curriculum Development
  8. International Aspects of Engineering Education
  9. Knowledge Management and Computer Aided Technologies
  10. Women in Technical Careers

Papers dealing with other interesting aspects relevant to Engineering Education are also encouraged.

The printed Proceedings of the37th International IGIP Symposium 2008 will include all abstracts submitted in 2 A4-size pages. The full papers will come out on CD ROMs serving as a separate unit to the Proceedings. Papers to be included in the Proceedings should be of sufficient quality, not requiring any corrections by the organizers, and prepared according to the instructions described in the page “Abstract Style Format”. You are strongly asked to submit your paper as a *.doc or *.rtf document. All the papers must be written in UK English. Papers should consist of original material that has not been published before. Maximum size of full text is 10 pages, instructions are given in "Instruction full paper".

Papers which will appear in the Proceedings will undergo the review process by two members of the IGIP 2008 Programme Committee.

At least one of the authors of each paper has to be registered and to pay the registration fee by April 1, 2008, in order to have the paper published in the Proceedings. Authors should also send to the Symposium organizers a signed "Transfer of Copyright Agreement".

To give as many chances to the authors as we can, the Symposium Committee reserves the right to charge the 2nd, 3rd, … abstracts coming from the same author by €50 (teamwork) to €100 (individual paper) each.

The authors are kindly requested to transmit their papers to the Symposium Secretariat by e-mail:

The deadlines are: for abstracts April 1, 2008, for full papers May 1, 2008.

Please also forward this message to other colleagues who might be interested!