IGIP International Society for Engineering Education
Internationale Gesellschaft für Ingenieurpädagogik
Societá Internazionale per la Pedagogia dell' Ingegneria


The aims of IGIP (the International Society for Engineering Education) are

New competencies of educators are needed such as

IGIP cooperates intensively, on an international level, with other societies dedicated to engineering education.

International Engineering Educator ING-PAED IGIP

ING-PAED IGIP is a register which certifies a certain educational level for a teacher, trainer or instructor, which is determined by the IGIP curriculum. Any engineering educator who completes the curriculum at any accredited training centre for International Engineering Education, and whose education, training and professional experience meet the IGIP standards, may be listed in the professional register as an "International Engineering Educator ING-PAED IGIP".

The ING-PAED IGIP serves all technical teachers who

It is a minimum qualification profile for teachers and trainers in engineering education.

Both being listed in the register and having the title "ING-PAED IGIP" generally improve the position, role and responsibility of engineering educators in society.

IGIP Accreditation

IGIP accredits training centres for "International Engineering Educators", the teaching matter of which conforms to IGlP's curriculum for engineering pedagogy.

IGlP's activities


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